After a fun getaway to Mexico, Angela left with more than fond memories. She had been struck by severe diarrhea from food poisoning—what’s come to be known as Montezuma’s Revenge.

Back home in Germany, Angela continued to experience symptoms that, for her, were new and out-of-the-norm.

“My energy levels and mood were affected but my body was also very inflamed,” she says. “The inflammation showed up as sudden weight gain. Also, my hair started falling out and my sleep quality deteriorated. I was also hungry all the time, ate more than usual, could not intermittent fast, and craved sugar, which was unusual for me.”

And she noticed that any alcohol she drank exacerbated the bloating.

Parasite Testing

The setback was frustrating, especially since Angela had spent years diligently healing her gut. In the past, she had successfully eliminated small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), H. pylori, Candida overgrowth, parasites, low stomach acid, and leaky gut—all of which had contributed to irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Her recovery led her to a new career as a digestive health coach. Based on her past experience and training, she now suspected lingering parasites. Yet, the first parasite test at her doctor’s office showed no signs of them.

For a more accurate look, she took the GI Map test, a comprehensive stool test that she often recommends for her clients. Her suspicions were confirmed; she had picked up parasites in Mexico.

“It came back with a very high level of blasto [Blastocystis Hominis, a type of parasite] and another less damaging and easier-to-kill parasite,” she says. “That’s two parasites that were missed by the stool test at my doctor’s office.”

Angela’s Parasite Protocol

Living in Germany, Angela wasn’t initially able to get her preferred protocol. In the short term, she used Biocidin to break up the biofilm. Biofilm can form a protective barrier around parasites and bacteria in the gut, preventing treatment from reaching them.

At the same time, she targeted the parasites with the “green” black walnut wormwood complex.

“It tasted really bad and caused some crazy die-off reactions like hot flashes,” she recalls.

When she was able to obtain the Cellcore parasite protocol, she began a six-week regimen that set her on the path of healing.

“A few weeks into that I felt a lot better,” she says. “My mood improved tremendously, the sugar cravings stopped, sleep improved, and weight fell off.”

And within a few months, Angela had brought her gut back into balance.

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