Do you have a compelling natural health success story to tell personally, or about one of your patients or clients?

We accept well-written guest posts that follow the guidelines below, however, we are not able to compensate at this time. In exchange, your article or resource box (explained below) at the end can include links to your website and/or social media accounts.

Steps for contributed articles:

1- Please send us a 1-2 paragraph description of the story you would like to write. Include who the featured subject would be, their diagnosis (if any) and symptoms, the steps they took to rebuild their health, and the positive outcome.

2- Send us links or documents showing examples of your writing, if available. It’s not necessary, but helpful to see your writing style.

3- Include your name and relationship to the featured individual, whether that’s yourself or someone else. If someone else, let us know if you have permission to feature their story.

Editorial guidelines

Our health success stories are intended to educate and inspire others in their journey to rebuild their health. Because of that, we require that stories be fairly specific regarding the approaches the individual took to reach success.

Because we’re a natural and integrative health site, the emphasis should be on natural or alternative practices that worked. It’s acceptable if the person also turned to conventional methods of healing, but natural approaches should have been game-changers in their healing.

Please include…

  • The symptoms the person experienced, and how that impacted their life.
  • The diagnosis or diagnoses, and how they were diagnosed.
  • What the individual tried that did not work, including conventional and natural approaches.
  • How the individual maintains their health on an ongoing basis, if applicable.
  • The quality of life that the person now enjoys that he or she could not before.
  • Use direct quotes from the individual and/or their practitioners, unless you are writing it from a first-person perspective.
  • Include your “resource box” at the end. That’s 1-2 sentences indicating where others can find you, such as your web site and/or social media accounts.

Read a couple of the other stories on our site for insight into how the stories typically flow.


  • We typically follow the Associated Press editorial style.
  • If you mention a statistic, cite the source, and ideally include a link.
  • Include links to influential practitioners that the individual found helpful.
  • We prefer to use individuals’ real names and photos. However, the featured person may remain anonymous by going only by their first name, in which case we would use a stock photo.

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