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When Heather struggled with life-threatening mental health challenges at 15, absolutely no one suspected Lyme disease – despite the fact that she was bitten by a tick two years earlier.

That was accompanied by bodywide pain, overwhelming fatigue, brain fog and memory loss, and gut dysfunction.

It would take more than 20 years of struggle, including multiple suicide attempts, before Heather finally received a diagnosis of Lyme disease.

She went on to try multiple Lyme-targeted treatments, but those ultimately were not what allowed her heal.


A Lyme Disease Success Story

In this powerful episode, Heather (The Lyme Boss) shares her personal story of overcoming Lyme disease and rebuilding her health after going undiagnosed for 20+ years.

We cover some of the lesser-known but vital angles of Lyme, including…

  • The most accurate Lyme disease testing
  • How finding undiagnosed celiac disease, Hashimoto’s, and endometriosis helped heal Lyme
  • The lifestyle elements that are critical to healing
  • Why what you eat matters
  • The mindset required to move forward
  • How Heather retrained her nervous system after years of illness
Heather Gray, The Lyme Boss, shares her powerful personal journey and what it really takes to heal chronic Lyme disease.

The Lyme Boss

Heather’s journey inspired a career change. Today she’s a Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist (FDN) Practitioner. After 27  years of undiagnosed Lyme disease, celiac disease, Hashimoto’s, and endometriosis, she set out on a path to healing.  She has now lost over 100lbs, her pain has lessened, she no longer has suicidal thoughts, and enjoys all-day energy.  As The Lyme Boss, she now has a practice where she teaches others how to take care of themselves and get the inflammation off their body and brain, and gain control over their health journey. Find Heather at, and on Instagram and Facebook.
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