“I needed to get to the root cause. Because it was just a symptom something was out of balance in my body.”
– Dr. Veronique Desaulniers

Can you heal breast cancer naturally – without surgery, chemo or radiation? One Florida woman did just that.

Dr. Veronique Desaulniers had spent more than 40 years working in natural health. The chiropractor ate organic food, exercised and did all the things she knew to stay in optimal form.

So it was a shock when, during a routine self-exam, she discovered a lump in her breast.

“When I felt that lump, I knew right away,” says Dr. V, as her patients and clients call her. “Your gut tells you, ‘This is just not right.’ There was the shock of, ‘How could this happen to me?’ I was doing everything right.”

Dr. V regularly performed self-exams because of her family history: her mother and aunts had breast cancer and her father had died from pancreatic cancer. However, Dr. V didn’t carry the BRCA gene mutation, which can increase the risk for developing breast cancer.

A Breast Cancer Diagnosis

To confirm her diagnosis, Dr. V ran bloodwork, and ultrasound and thermography scans. Certain blood markers can indicate the presence of cancer while the ultrasound can show a mass. Thermography may uncover elevated temperatures in the breast, which indicate increased cellular activity.

She did not, however, get a mammogram or biopsy. According to Dr. V, mammograms can detect breast cancer, but often do so only after the tumor has been there for five to eight years. A 25-year study on nearly 9,000 women found that mammograms and self-breast exams were equally effective in detecting a tumor.

Additionally, Dr. V points out that mammograms can result in concerning false positives, and deliver levels of radiation – some of the reasons why the American Cancer Society adjusted its recommendations for mammograms in recent years. They now advise spacing mammograms out and starting at a later age.

Given all that, Dr. V chose alternate means of diagnosing her breast cancer.

A Keto Diet for Cancer

Following her father’s death from pancreatic cancer, Dr. V dove into research on cancer and treatments.

“You have to understand what cancer is and what cancer is not,” she explains. “It just didn’t pop up. It just didn’t happen. There was a series of events and processes that your body went through to allow the cancer to develop.”

She knew she had to address the causes. And without question, she knew she wouldn’t go through conventional cancer treatment: chemo, radiation or surgery. She had seen the damaging effects of conventional cancer treatment in her patients.

“I’m not saying that chemotherapy, radiation and surgery can’t be helpful at times,” she says “There’s a time and a place and it doesn’t have to be cookie-cutter.”

“I needed to get to the root cause,” she explains. “Because it was just a symptom, something was out of balance in my body.”

Dr. V applied an arsenal of natural practices to heal from the inside out. If she had lived a healthy lifestyle before, now she turned the dial all the way up.

She followed a ketogenic diet to manage her blood sugar.

“Cancer is really a metabolic disease and the mitochondria are affected…keeping the blood sugar lower keeps certain cancer pathways at bay,” she explains.

For six months, she ate a hardcore keto diet, measuring and testing everything to ensure her blood sugar and ketones were at the right levels.

She kept her carbs low, focused on healthy fats, ate copious vegetables and low-sugar fruits such as berries, green apples, lemons and limes. She ate organic as much as possible.

She also began intermittent fasting. Each day, Dr. V would fast for about 18-19 hours, only eating in about a six-hour window.

Learn how a Florida woman healed her breast cancer naturally with a keto diet, detox and other steps to bring her body back into balance.

Detox for Cancer Healing

Dr. V also cleared the house of known chemicals, instead choosing natural products for cleaning and personal care. For detox, she turned to coffee enemas, sauna sweating, rebounding, sunshine and skin brushing to stimulate the lymphatic system. During active healing, she engaged in most of these daily.

To support her detox pathways, she took supplements that stimulate glutathione production. Glutathione acts as an important antioxidant in the body.

Balancing the Nervous System, Hormones

Dr. V also worked to balance her nervous system and hormones. For that, she turned to regular chiropractic care, acupuncture, adequate sleep, stress management and exercise.

“Conventional medicine has really vilified women’s hormones,” she says. “They’ve made us afraid if you’re ER-positive.” ER-positive refers to a type of breast cancer thought to be fueled by estrogen.

She says that suppressing hormones with medication, a common route for care, can lead to secondary cancers and brain fog.

It’s important, Dr. V says, to work with a skilled practitioner who can help balance your hormones.

Boosting the Immune System

Dr. V supplemented her healthy diet with immune-boosting nutrients, including selenium, zinc, magnesium, vitamin C and vitamin D. For the latter, she finds many women are seriously deficient.

“I like to see [vitamin D] levels between 80 and 100 ng/mL,” she says. “Most women that come to us with breast cancer, their numbers are in the teens or in the twenties or thirties. That’s way too low.”

Managing Stress and Emotions

Dr. V learned that a stressed body can’t heal effectively. “If your body is in the fight or flight mode, your stress hormones are up, which suppresses your immune system and your body cannot heal,” she says.

To diffuse stress, she turned to practices such as the Emotional Freedom Technique, or tapping. Tapping involves using your fingertips on specific meridian endpoints of the body, while focusing on negative emotions or physical sensations. Additionally, she worked with a therapist to heal emotional wounds.

Cancer-Free after Three Years

After two years of her nurturing regimen, blood testing and thermography confirmed Dr. V was cancer-free.

After everything she had learned, plus a long career in healthcare, she pivoted her health practice to help women with breast cancer – either to heal naturally or to support their bodies as they go through radiation or chemotherapy. Additionally, she wrote a book about her experience, Heal Breast Cancer Naturally, and became the face of taking a natural breast cancer approach.

Thus what happened next was all the more surprising. Nine years after healing breast cancer the first time, Dr. V again found a lump. And again, she confirmed that her cancer had returned.

Looking at her life, she realized she had let some of her foundational health-maintaining practices slide. In her mission to reach more women, stress had started encroaching on her health.

“I had to take a hard look at myself in my life,” she says. “I was burning the candle at both ends and was helping everybody I could with breast cancer and wasn’t sleeping. My hormones were off, thyroid was off. I had another issue with the [dental] cavitation that I didn’t know about… an autoimmune disease. It was just created the perfect storm.”

Healing Breast Cancer Naturally – Again

For round two of breast cancer, Dr. V stepped back a bit from her business to focus on recovery and ease her stress.

She returned to the practices that had worked before. She adhered to a very strict keto diet for six months before easing up. She continued to fast daily, and still does to this day. She did daily coffee enemas for detox.

She also addressed likely long-standing dental cavitations, or infections. Her dentist discovered that an autoimmune issue was attacking one tooth, which happened to be on the same acupuncture meridian as her breast cancer. For that, the dentist performed cavitation surgery to clear out the infection.

This time, Dr. V’s healing took three years. But again, she did it naturally and is now thriving.

No Right or Wrong in Treatment Choices

Following her healing, Dr. V continues to follow the same practices that helped her beat breast cancer.

She remains dedicated to educating women on all things breast cancer: prevention, detection and healing it naturally. To simplify her protocol, for herself and others, she organized the steps into Seven Essentials, which you can find on her site. She also created a product called My Breast Friend to help women learn how to detect a lump the size of a pea. The typical mammogram finds tumors the size of a ping-pong ball.

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Dr. V understands that choices about breast cancer treatment can be fraught with fear and influences from friends and family. But she stresses that, no matter what treatment you choose, there are natural ways to support your body – even if you go through conventional radiation, chemotherapy, low-dose chemotherapy or surgery.

“There’s no right or wrong,” she stresses. You want to use everything that you can at your disposal. And sometimes if you have a tumor that’s raging out of control, sometimes you need chemotherapy or radiation to shrink it down and then get a handle on it. It’s what works best for you to get you through the journey and heal your body.”

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