“I’m 68, but if I close my eyes and focus, I feel like I’m in my 30s. I can’t wait to see what happens in a year.”
– Beth

After Beth Greer was kicked in the ankle as a teen, the injury never healed properly. And over the years, it actually worsened.

Her ankle, purple and covered in varicose veins, became so swollen with edema that her shoe fit more tightly. After all that time, she accepted that her foot would always be this way.

That’s why, when her foot began healing rapidly, she was taken aback.

Beth had done just one thing differently. She started wearing a small patch at the base of her neck designed to activate her body’s own stem cells.

She hadn’t tried it for her foot, but rather to encourage hair growth. But within a month she noticed changes in her ankle.

“By the third month, it was jaw-dropping,” she says. “The black and blue bruising was reduced by 80 percent. I realized that the patches were working where they were needed.”

Raising the GHK-Cu Peptide

Beth initially tried the patch on a friend’s recommendation.

“I was so skeptical initially to hear about a patch that looks like a Band-aid,” she says.

But soon, she saw benefits from head to toe.

Called LifeWave X39, the patches activate the body’s own stem cells. Adult stem cells, which divide to replenish dying cells and regenerate damaged tissues, are found throughout the body.

By using phototherapy, the stem-cell patches elevate the body’s GHK-Cu peptide, which drops by more than 60 percent as we age. The GHK-Cu peptide has been linked to multiple biological functions: blood flow, nerve outgrowth, collagen production, tissue repair, DNA repair and anti-inflammation, to name a few.

Beth, author of Super Natural Home, has long promoted natural health. Years ago, she healed a Schwanomma chest tumor naturally.

When she learned about the stem-cell patch, she dug deeper to understand it – and was pleased to find that it was non-toxic.

Learn how one woman healed a decades-old injury with LifeWave X39 stem-cell patches.

Better Energy, Skin and Libido

Beth wears the patch all day at the base of her neck around vertebra C7. Alternatively, she could wear it just below her navel. Both are acupressure points.

Over the course of several months, Beth watched her ankle and foot improve. Then, other unexpected but welcome developments soon popped up: more energy, softer skin, harder nails, deeper sleep, the ability to recall dreams and even improved libido.

Another surprise came at the eye doctor. She had been near-sighted since age 12. But on her most recent visit to the doctor, he noted her eyesight was improving. The new prescription he wrote called for glasses with less power than before.

Beth also noticed faster recovery after kayaking or bike riding. When normally she would feel achy for a couple of days following exertion, she experienced zero soreness.

Out of curiosity, she placed her used patches on her creaky 14-year-old dog. Soon, he too became more spritely.

“He’s prancing now with his tail up,” she says.

Feeling 30 Years Younger

While Beth hasn’t experienced hair regrowth yet, she now wears the patch on her scalp for a more targeted approach.

As she continues daily wear, she looks forward to what will come next.

“I’m 68, but if I close my eyes and focus, I feel like I’m in my 30s,” she says. “I can’t wait to see what happens in a year.”

For more details about Beth’s experience, check out her ebook.