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Elizabeth Yarnell was two weeks shy of her 30th bday when she woke up suddenly blind in one eye. She went through testing, and very rapidly, was diagnosed with the autoimmune disorder, multiple sclerosis.

She was told she would probably be in a wheelchair within 10 years.

Her health crash was sudden and stunning. Leading up to that, she had experienced tingling in her fingers, but hadn’t thought anything of it.

For five years, she tried conventional MS treatments, but experienced intense side effects: seizures and severe rashes. She suspected there was a better path.

Searching for alternative approaches, she found solutions that changed her health dramatically such that she no longer has any symptoms of MS.

Her experience changed the course of her career and life. Since being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, Elizabeth Yarnell has been busy studying how to manage autoimmunity naturally as a traditional naturopath and Certified LEAP Therapist. She’s worked with hundreds of MS and other autoimmune sufferers in her nationwide clinic using unique, personalized natural therapies to empower them to reclaim their health. She’s a TEDx speaker, award-winning author whose cookbook has sold more than 60,000 copies, a patented inventor, and has been featured on CBS, NBC, ABC, and PBS as well as in Good Housekeeping, Health, Martha Stewart Living Radio, and many other outlets.

In my conversation with Elizabeth, you’ll hear…

  • The natural steps she took to put multiple sclerosis into remission
  • How changing her diet quickly calmed inflammation and her symptoms
  • The most accurate food sensitivity testing
  • How she helped her family overcome significant health hurdles
  • How an herbal parasite protocol took Elizabeth’s healing to the next level
  • Some of the most common sources of parasites
  • And why most parasite testing is inaccurate

By eliminating trigger foods, cleaning up her diet and clearing parasites, Elizabeth calmed the inflammation that contributed to multiple sclerosis - and feels better than ever.

Find more information about Elizabeth Yarnell. And grab her free guide, 3 Things You Should Never Eat if You Have MS.

And check out her cookbook, Glorious One-Pot Meals.

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