Learn how one man eliminated nearly all his MS symptoms with a lifestyle approach for multiple sclerosis, including the Wahls protocol, movement, sleep and mindset.

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My guest this week is Tony Ferro, who shares his inspiring story of eliminating his multiple sclerosis symptoms almost entirely.

Tony once experienced numbness, tremors, severe brain fog, fatigue, vision loss and difficulty walking, leading to a diagnosis of MS.

After the initial shock, Tony went into research mode, looking for ways help his MS. He knew he didn’t want to take medication because of the potential side effects.

Ultimately, he found a lifestyle approach that sounded promising. But it wouldn’t be easy. His family owned a pizza restaurant and Tony was a self-described “pizza guy, party guy.”

But he radically changed what he ate and how he lived his life. And he saw the impact of that as his MS symptoms gradually began fading.

In my conversation with Tony, you’ll hear…

  • The five lifestyle changes that helped him alleviate nearly all his MS symptoms
  • The nutrition plan that worked for him
  • Why he believes multiple sclerosis was the best thing that ever happened to him
  • The role of self-love and acceptance in his healing
  • How he stays motivated to stick to a lifestyle approach
  • His inspiring advice for others with MS and other forms of illness
  • And about his mission to share the importance of wellness in managing illness

I know you’ll be inspired by my conversation with Tony.

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Learn more about Tony and his nonprofit organization for MS.

Find out more about the lifestyle protocol he follows, the Wahls protocol.

Read Tony’s story.

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