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Alissa Frazier was in college when she first began experiencing odd symptoms. She felt an electrical-type shock run down her neck along her spine and developed optic neuritis. Plus she had aches and pains that seemed odd for someone in her early 20s.

After extensive testing, doctors diagnosed her with the autoimmune disorder, multiple sclerosis, or MS.

To manage symptoms, she tried daily injections and then Tysabri. They both helped but she still experienced considerable fatigue and pain.

Then she recalled that, a few years earlier, going gluten-free had helped her symptoms. This time she decided to go further with diet, choosing to follow the autoimmune protocol (AIP) diet and an elimination diet to reduce the inflammation associated with MS.

Within a few months, her pain and fatigue had stopped.

These days, Alissa relies on a paleo diet, plus avoids some specific trigger foods, such as nightshades, to help keep her MS symptoms at bay.

Alissa’s health turnaround inspired a career change. She’s now a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Certified Personal Trainer, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and AIP Certified Coach. She works with individuals 1:1 either remotely or in-person who have multiple sclerosis and other neurological disorders. She uses real food and anti-inflammatory lifestyle coaching to help individuals improve their symptoms, feel better in their skin and create a lifestyle that improves their health and leads to a life they love.

Now that she has the energy to do so, she loves being outdoors and can usually be found hiking or lifting weights.

In my conversation with Alissa, you’ll hear…

  • The multiple sclerosis diet, including the autoimmune protocol diet (AIP), that helped stop fatigue and pain
  • How her diet has evolved over time
  • The role of exercise in keeping her body strong
  • Why vagus nerve exercises are particularly helpful for Alissa and those with MS
  • Other practices that keep her symptoms in check, including lymphatic work, medication and breathwork
  • Her advice for others with MS or other neurological conditions

You can find more information about Alissa at  She’s on Instagram at

Learn about the MS diet that helped Alissa stop multiple sclerosis symptoms such as pain and fatigue.

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