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Could symptoms such as extreme fatigue, difficulty losing weight and brain fog be related to your thyroid?

For Dr. Emily Kiberd, the cause was Hashimoto’s disease, an autoimmune thyroid condition. Though she had endured tons of testing, she didn’t discover Hashimoto’s until a functional medicine doctor tested for thyroid antibodies.

The practitioner (Dr. Gabrielle Lyon) who discovered her diagnosis helped Emily with lifestyle changes to begin repairing and reversing Hashimoto’s. By changing how she eats and works out, and addressing several underlying root causes, she’s been able to put her Hashimoto’s into REMISSION.

In my conversation with Emily, you’ll hear…

  • The thyroid tests that finally uncovered Hashimoto’s disease
  • The anti-inflammatory, low-histamine diet she followed
  • How she changed her workouts to support healing
  • How environmental factors such as mold toxicity, heavy metals and parasites contributed to her illness
  • The ways she detoxed from toxins and parasites
  • The gut health protocol she followed
  • And her maintenance routine for keeping her thyroid healthy

If you have Hashimoto’s or other thyroid conditions, I know you’ll find tons of helpful insights in this episode.

Dr. Emily Kiberd is also a chiropractor, mom, and founder of Thyroid Strong.  Because of her health experience, she helps women struggling with Hashimoto’s lose weight and beat fatigue by teaching them how to work out without burning out. She has been featured in Vogue, Elle, Vice, and Women’s Health on her expertise on posture, ergonomics, and strength training.

If you’re struggling with fatigue or difficulty losing weight with Hashimoto’s, check out Emily’s free guide, How to Lose Weight and Get Your Energy Back with Hashimoto’s.

Or, check out her exercise program tailored specifically for those with thyroid issues, Thyroid Strong.

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