“The body is brilliant and it never ever forgets how to heal itself, no matter how far gone you think you are or how complicated you think you are or how nobody knows what you’re talking about. You are not alone. And your body knows exactly what to do.”

– Sinclair Kennally

Sinclair Kennally recalls a time, not so long ago, when she painstakingly taped popsicle sticks on her fingers to keep them open all night. If she didn’t, she paid a heavy price.

“I couldn’t unfold my hands for several hours,” she recalls. “I often had to drive to work using my wrists to steer because my hands were just crippled.”

Sinclair suffered from debilitating pain – and she was only in her 30s. On top of that, she experienced oppressive fatigue, brain fog and wild mood swings. Eventually, she could tolerate just three foods. And health crashes led to multiple hospitalizations.

Everything she treasured and worked for – her business, relationships and life – were crumbling around her.

“It was devastating,” she recalls. “It cost me a lot of years and I really lost my sense of who I was.”

But Sinclair ultimately found her way back to healthy and back to her life in an unexpected way.

Lasting Impacts on the Microbiome

Since childhood, Sinclair had been sensitive to foods and her environment. She regularly experienced stomach aches, grew nauseated easily and endured countless ear infections. Doctors prescribed the conventional, recommended treatment: numerous courses of antibiotics.

With what she now knows, she feels that left a lasting impact on her microbiome.

“I think we underestimate just how much that has a cumulative effect on somebody,” she says. “Just one course of antibiotics can create a 25 percent increase in the likelihood of depression for the next 12 months and a 19 percent increase in the likelihood of anxiety. And with two courses of antibiotics in a 12-month period, that goes up by more than 50 percent. It takes more than a year for your gut to right itself after a course of antibiotics.”

Yet Sinclair grew into a high-functioning business owner. But not long after turning 30, what had been relatively minor health issues soon turned life-altering.

The pain, exhaustion, cloudy brain and queasy stomach made it impossible to live a normal life.

A Root Cause: Toxins

In the hunt for answers, Sinclair received a lot of diagnoses, if not a lot of help in getting better: fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, Hashimoto’s disease, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), Epstein-Barr virus and more.

Meanwhile, her partner Michael also contended with severe fatigue and constantly shifting food sensitivities. One day he could tolerate certain foods only to see those same foods cause problems the next day.

Ultimately, Michael found answers for both of them. While at a European toxicology conference, it became clear to him that environmental toxins were very likely the cause of both their illnesses.

Sinclair and Michael followed their instinct and used what little energy they had to research toxin exposure and possible solutions.

Along the way, they uncovered more answers to Sinclair’s health puzzle. Testing turned up heavy metals toxicity, along with mold toxicity, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) and even Lyme disease.

In their exhaustive research, they learned that high levels of metals and mold may not even be from recent exposure; they can remain in the body for decades.

“It’s really important for us to think generationally when it comes to chronic illness and when we’re searching for our answers,” she says. “We inherit mom’s microbiome and we inherit her toxins as well. Mom can offload two-thirds of her mercury burden onto her first-born.”

Learn how detoxing from toxins allowed Sinclair Kennally to heal from fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, Hashimoto's, metals and mold toxicity, SIBO and more.

Detoxing from Heavy Metals, Mold, Glyphosate and More

Sinclair and Michael started taking steps to fix these root causes, however imperfectly. The pair began actively clearing their bodies of the metals, mold, glyphosate and other toxins. They used binders, sauna sweating, liver and kidney drainage support, and other supplements to support the body’s detox pathways in gentle ways.

And they found coffee enemas a powerful way to clear toxins and boost natural detoxification.

For SIBO, Sinclair chose not to take antibiotics. Initially, she tried a low FODMAP diet, which helped in the short term for reducing her fatigue and inflammation.

Then later, she adjusted her diet to also eliminate lectins, a family of plant proteins that irritate the gut lining. Foods high in lectins include legumes, grains and nightshade vegetables such as tomatoes.

However, she ultimately healed SIBO by focusing on detoxification.

“I was able to figure out how to do a deep clean down my entire digestive tract and do some deep healing without antibiotics,” she says. “I can speak from experience and say it is possible, at least in my clinical experience and personally, to do deep clean and to heal without antibiotics.”

As she was deep-cleaning her liver, her gastric juices were restored to normal, allowing her body to clear pathogens and microbes from her food.

“I was able to get rid of the acid reflux actually very easily when I understood how to do that,” she says. “I was able to get out over 15,000 gallstones and liver stones, and yes, I counted.”

Reducing Toxin Intake

Lowering their ongoing toxic intake was just as critical. Their research pointed to toxin exposure from countless sources, leading them to clean up what goes in, on and around their bodies.

  • Drinking cleaner water – They began drinking distilled water to ensure it was free of toxins.
  • Remediating mold – Checking for and eliminating mold in their environment.
  • Carefully choosing personal care products – They switched to natural lotions, shampoos, and other personal care products.
  • Eating organic – Organic foods reduce the amount of herbicides (such as glyphosate) that we ingest.
  • Mitigating electromagnetic fields (EMFs) – They turned off their wifi at night, moved the router as far as possible from them and covered their router with a signal tamer.

“The radiation from our smart devices are attacking the gut, slowing down our tissue regeneration, raising our blood sugar and causing all sorts of inflammatory conditions,” Sinclair explains. She also says studies show mold proliferates at a much higher rate in the presence of wifi.

Mindset Shifts

After being ill for years, Sinclair also had to adjust her mindset – to know that her body was capable of healing. For that, she found meditation powerful in resetting her brain and body toward healing.

In time, Sinclair and Michael both regained their health and vitality. No more pain, fatigue, brain fog or digestive issues.

Now, they help others heal too. They merged toxicity and detox certification with their combined 30-plus years of experience in personal and business development to start Detox Rejuvenation, which helps individuals with gut health challenges and other complex illnesses. Their approach: by detoxifying, the body begins to function normally again and many illnesses resolve on their own.

“Our body is brilliant and it never ever forgets how to heal itself, no matter how far gone you think you are or how complicated you think you are or how nobody knows what you’re talking about. You are not alone,” she says. “And your body knows exactly what to do. If you can give it the right tools in the right order. Your body needs to heal in stages.”


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