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If you have struggled with endometriosis or know someone who has, this episode offers tons of insight into how to treat endometriosis naturally – and effectively.

Today, I’m talking with Dr. Erika Gray, who experienced life-limiting endometriosis beginning in her teens. That’s when endometriosis began causing extreme pain and exhaustion for her.

Surgery followed by birth control pills brought very brief relief before it worsened again. Doctors told Erika that she would probably need a hysterectomy in her 20s. But she and her family resolutely wouldn’t accept that future for her.

Instead, Erika’s family found a functional chiropractor who helped them with a natural endometriosis treatment that ultimately stopped the pain – and allowed Erika to go on to have two children naturally.

These days, Dr. Erika Gray is the co-founder and CMO at ToolBox Genomics and MyToolBox Genomics. As a pharmacist having had years of experience in both alternative and allopathic medicine, Dr. Erika is passionate about integrating the two modalities to inspire people to live healthier lives. She believes that helping people understand who they are from their genes outward will help provide them with the tools to understand how they interact with their environment and the role this interaction has with their health.

In my conversation with Erika, you’ll hear…

  • The impact of conventional medicine on her endometriosis
  • How birth control pills can affect endometriosis and your mood
  • The natural endometriosis treatment that helped her get pregnant with endometriosis
  • The impact of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy with progesterone
  • How she pairs niacin with melatonin to help balance her cycles and normalize her periods
  • The role of B vitamins
  • And how diet impacted her endometriosis symptoms

I know that you’ll find some fresh insights on endometriosis in Erika’s inspiring story merged with her clinical knowledge and experience.

Learn more about Erika and Toolbox Genomics.

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