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Is it possible to see clearly without glasses, contacts or surgery? Today’s guest personally fixed her poor vision multiple times – naturally – and has gone on to help countless others do the same.

Claudia Muehlenweg began wearing glasses at age 3…then no longer needed them in her teens. When her vision deteriorated two more times later on, again she turned to natural practices to correct it.

Her personal experiences with correcting her own vision led her to become a holistic vision coach, where she has gone on to help countless others clear their vision naturally.

In my conversation with Claudia, you’ll hear…

  • How she corrected her own vision multiple times, eliminating the need for glasses
  • How stress and changes in your nervous system affect your vision
  • How age-related vision changes can be reversed
  • Why you should avoid reading glasses
  • Why you should rarely wear sunglasses
  • Examples of how others corrected their vision naturally
  • How improving your vision reduces your chances of getting more serious eye diseases
  • How your vision changes throughout the day
  • Simple tips to relax your eyes and improve your vision

Claudia Muehlenweg is the founder of Holistic Vision and creator of the Naturally Clear Vision Method. Claudia is a sought-after international speaker and workshop leader. She focuses on finding the root cause of her clients’ blurry vision instead of using symptomatic treatments like glasses, contacts or surgery that can actually make their eyesight worse in the long term.

Check out her free guide: 10 Habits for Healthy and Happy Eyes.

I know that you’ll find some fresh insights in Claudia’s inspiring story merged with her many years of experience helping others correct their vision.

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