“How I like to describe it now is beyond remission because Crohn’s is not even a thought. It doesn’t play a role in my daily life. I feel the most alive I’ve ever felt in my life. I feel the healthiest I’ve ever felt in my life.”

– Selvi

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In this episode of the Rebuilding My Health Radio podcast, Dr. Selvi Rengasami shares her journey of reaching remission and beyond from Crohn’s disease. Since childhood, she had endured difficult digestive symptoms. But once she was in a stressful college environment, it soon advanced to Crohn’s disease.

As she pursued her own lifelong dream of becoming a physician, she grappled with accepting and managing what would become a debilitating illness.

In this episode, we discuss…

  • The challenging – and at times, life-threatening impact of Crohn’s on her health
  • Her experience with conventional Crohn’s treatment, including steroids and surgeries
  • Why this MD explored alternative approaches
  • How a paleo diet influenced her Crohn’s symptoms
  • The positive impact of acupuncture
  • Her mind-body approach to healing, including meditation, visualization, and inner child work
  • How she learned to listen to her body’s signals and treat symptoms as invitations for deeper self-awareness
  • The importance of healing at the body’s own pace
  • How she reached remission from Crohn’s and beyond
  • Her advice for others on a healing journey

Today, Dr. Selvi feels more alive, creative, and free than ever, and is helping others get there too. Dr. Selvi guides women with gut disease on the path to remission and beyond using her unique methodology of integrative nutrition, energetics, and intuitive medicine. Having gone through her own personal journey with Crohn’s disease and finding remission and beyond when Western medicine failed her, Dr. Selvi’s passion lies in sharing her wisdom and insights with women on a similar path. Her expertise and interests extend into the areas of rewiring mindset, energy healing, and reconnecting women to their own intuitive guidance. Dr. Selvi lives in New York City and loves to dance, travel and explore in her free time.

No matter what health challenges you may be facing, Dr. Selvi’s resilience will inspire you and her story will show the power of mind-body approaches, ways to look at your illness differently, and the importance of healing at your own pace.

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