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What does a bioindividual approach to reversing rheumatoid arthritis and lupus look like?

Today’s guest shares her journey of overcoming both.


Episode Summary

We dive into the story of Lindsay O’Neill, a tech executive who faced and overcame life-changing health challenges. Lindsay shares her journey from a successful career in AI and machine learning to navigating a life-changing accident and autoimmune diseases, to finding healing for herself and her daughter.

When she got the diagnoses of RA and lupus, which her doctor called rhupus, she immediately had the mindset of working to reverse them.

The Turning Point: A Life-Altering Accident

  • Lindsay recounts the accident that occurred while she was seven months pregnant, which marked the beginning of her health struggles.
  • Despite giving birth to a healthy daughter, Lindsay experienced severe autoimmune reactions, including hair loss, chronic pain, and fatigue.

The Healing Process: Diet and Lifestyle Changes

  • Lindsay emphasizes the significant role of diet and lifestyle changes in her recovery.
  • She shares her approach to identifying food sensitivities and the importance of eliminating inflammatory foods
  • Lindsay highlights the challenge of adapting these changes for her young daughter and the role of mindful eating.

Mindfulness and Stress Reduction

  • Lindsay discusses the crucial role of mindfulness and stress management in healing.
  • She shares personal practices like gratitude, meditation, and breathwork that contributed to her and her daughter’s recovery.

The Role of Bioenergetics in Healing

  • Lindsay introduces bioenergetics and its impact on her daughter’s health.
  • She explains the technologies used, including pulse electro frequency and near-infrared light therapy.

No matter what health challenges you might be facing, Lindsay’s interview and story will shed light on the small steps that can, in fact, swing the big door of change for your health.

About Lindsay Mure-O’Neill

Lindsay Mure-O’Neill, the founder of SmallHinges.Health and co-founder of Wellness Eternal, is an acclaimed expert in the realms of health, technology, and holistic wellness. As a seasoned TEDx speaker and on-camera talent, Lindsay captivates audiences with her compelling insights and journey of bio-individual healing.

With a distinguished career as an Ai & Big Data technologist and marketer, Lindsay has spent decades at the intersection of technology and human experience. Her passion for leveraging data to transform lives extends beyond the professional realm into her roles as a certified Culinary Medicine Chef from the prestigious Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and a Wellness Coach through ACE Fitness.

Lindsay’s also committed to mental health advocacy and education as evidenced by her role as a dedicated board member of #HalfTheStory. She believes that you DON’T have to change everything to change everything. Small hinges swing the BIG door of positive change.

Lindsay’s business, Small Hinges

Wellness Eternal

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