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What are the symptoms of mold toxicity and how do you detox your body and home?

Today I’m bringing you an information-packed episode on mold toxicity and mast cell activation syndrome.

Like many, my guest today spent years struggling with her health before linking her many symptoms to mold exposure.

For Cara Hoepner, the symptoms associated with mold exposure included cardiac arrhythmia, dizziness, rage, suicidal thoughts, chronic kidney disease, constipation, sleeplessness and more.

Cara has been through years of resolving mold in her body and home spaces and is sharing her hard-earned insights on navigating it on multiple fronts.

Detoxing the Body and Home from Mold

In our conversation, you’ll hear…

  • The impact of mold on her health
  • How she tested her body and home for mold
  • How she detoxed from mold and recovered from what’s called mast-cell activation syndrome, which was triggered by mold exposure
  • Her recommendations for mold testing, inspections, and remediation
  • Her do’s and don’ts when confronting mold
  • Mold resources

Mast cell activation syndrome, or MCAS, is when chemicals called mast cell mediators are released too frequently or abundantly, and in response to triggers that are not typically considered to be harmful, such as foods. This can lead to a wide range of symptoms.


About Cara Hoepner

Cara Hoepner completed nurse practitioner training at the University of California, San Francisco, and is in private practice in San Francisco – seeing California patients. She provides traditional and integrative medicine, as well as solution-focused wellness coaching, to individuals living with the challenges of mood, anxiety, trauma, ADHD – and sleep. Cara specializes in complex cases, and solutions without side effects. In her roles as author, speaker, and advisor, Cara focuses on educating and motivating clinicians, industry and the public to employ medications and supplementation, psychotherapy, and a whole-person, lifestyle approach to mental health.

In my talk with Cara, she generously shared some visuals with mold insights and resources. To see the slides behind our talk, find the link to the YouTube video in the show notes.

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Find Cara here.

Mold Recovery Resources

ERMI testing from EnviroBiomics

  • John Banta, an IEP (indoor environmental professional) who provided consultation and cleaning tips to Kara.
  • Mickey Contini, a nutritionist and mold specialist who Kara recommends for her expertise in mold issues.
  • Mary Cordero, a building biologist who recommends certain air purifier brands.
  • Lawrence Afrin, described as the world’s foremost expert on mast cell activation syndrome.

Air filter from Austin Air – Healthmate Plus

Blueair purifiers

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