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How did Xenia go from bedridden to zero symptoms of autoimmunity today?

Hear her inspiring chronic illness turnaround story on the latest episode.

Healing Autoimmunity Beyond Conventional Medicine

In our conversation, you’ll hear…

  • How quickly her symptoms came on in her 20s
  • How she uncovered 3 autoimmune disorders
  • Why she looked outside conventional medicine for help
  • The role of diet and lifestyle in regaining her health
  • Why no one type of diet fits all and how she found the best way of eating for her
  • How to find balance in adopting healing strategies
  • The power of mindset in her recovery
  • Her hard-won advice for others struggling with illness
  • A look at her integrative approach to autoimmunity and staying symptom-free


In her previous life, Xenia worked in Finance until she fell ill in her mid-20s. She couldn’t keep up with her job and her life, was bedridden for a while, and eventually decided to quit her job while focusing only on recovery. During that time, she overshot and became obsessed with living a healthy lifestyle, struggling with depression and disordered eating. She was eventually able to turn it around and find balance, which is when true healing finally happened. She is now symptom-free and started autoimmune health coaching because she wants to support others who are going through the same thing & share her knowledge.

Find and connect with Xenia on her site and Instagram.

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