“I had to address my energetic body. I’d addressed the physical. I’d addressed the nutritional. I hadn’t addressed the way that I was thinking.”

– Dr. Christine Smith

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With every interview, I learn something. This week’s episode provided an important reminder that, while supplements and other treatments certainly help, healing also needs to come from within.

In the latest episode of Rebuilding My Health Radio, we’re bringing you an inspiring story from a woman who found her way out of a life-altering health setback.

After a series of major life stressors, Dr. Christine Smith saw her health unravel with injuries, hormone and skin issues, adrenal dysfunction, extreme food sensitivities and allergies, and mold toxicity.

As a chiropractor and functional medicine practitioner, she threw everything she knew of at the problem and sought help from her peers. But ultimately, to heal, she found she had to go inward and reach a sense of feeling safer in her body – with meditation.

In this episode, we discuss…

  • How physical and emotional stressors compounded to erode Dr. Christine’s health gradually
  • How stress affected her digestion, hormones, adrenals, skin, and more
  • Why throwing more supplements at your body may not be the best avenue
  • How she used diet or food as a tool to control inflammation
  • How she realized that healing had to come from within
  • How meditation helped her feel safer in her body
  • Her experience with ketamine therapy for addressing trauma

Dr. Christine Smith has focused her work on seeing the whole person through personalized, integrative healthcare and regularly works with other trusted providers to create holistic care plans. Her path has included many experiences outside the straight academic path, including working in different healthcare systems abroad, leading her to where she is today.

As a Functional Medicine Practitioner and Doctor of Chiropractic with a background in Cognitive Neuroscience, she specializes in Holistic Injury Recovery and Chronic Inflammation Prevention to help active people come back stronger, uncover hidden injuries and prevent re-injury. She does this by teaching clients how to use recovery time as a gift to restructure lifestyle priorities, to learn to speak the language of their body through education rather than medication, and heal beyond the scars.

Find her online and on YouTube.

And find some of her guided meditations.

Resources mentioned:

Insight Timer (she likes Sarah Blondin)

Dr. Joe Dispenza

You’ll want to listen today if you’re dealing with any chronic or unresolved health issues.

And just a reminder, this is the last podcast episode before a short summer break. We’ll be back in August so stay tuned.

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