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In this episode, my guest is Karen Quiros, who has been in remission from systemic lupus for many years. Decades ago, she heard a stunning prognosis from doctors, who gave her five to seven years to live. Today, she no longer has any signs of the autoimmune disorder.

Because of her experience, Karen is on a mission to help busy women simplify and create balance in their lives, so they can be healthier, happier, more passion-filled individuals. She is the Happiness Compass© Mindset Coach and CEO of Balanced Wellness Consulting.

Karen studied natural medicine, nutrition, frequency healing and health coaching on a mission to heal herself and others. Her desire to break the cycle of being in and out of the hospital and give others hope to heal propelled her to become certified in Gemmotherapy, Reiki, Marconics, Craniosacral Therapy, plant medicine, sound healing and other healing modalities.

Karen is an Amazon Best Selling Author of “She is Magic, Yes!”

She spends her time between Long Island and Costa Rica where she facilitates workshops and soul-nourishing retreats.

And keep an eye out for her upcoming book, “Lupus Starving the Wolf,” in late 2021 where she details her lupus healing journey.

I have personal experience with Karen’s work, particularly biofeedback, which helped me pinpoint some problem areas and sensitivities. And it improved my allergies and energy.

In my conversation with Karen, you’ll hear…

  • How lupus suddenly hit this super active woman in her 20s
  • How her condition was initially misdiagnosed
  • What didn’t work for her in treating lupus
  • The most effective natural remedies for lupus for her
  • The power of an enzyme called serrapeptase for lupus, candida, endometriosis and inflammation
  • The mindset required to take control of and guide her own healing
  • Other lifestyle changes that influenced her lupus remission
  • And how she addressed Lyme later on

Whether you have lupus, another autoimmune disorder or inflammation in general, you’ll find lots of valuable nuggets in this episode.

Learn more about Karen at and Find her on Instagram at

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