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How did a New York mom transform her multiple sclerosis symptoms with lifestyle changes?

In this episode of the Rebuilding My Health Radio podcast, Agota Nawroth shares her journey of significantly reducing the symptoms of multiple sclerosis (MS) through lifestyle changes and a mindset. And as a recent author of the book, Beating Multiple Sclerosis, she offers insights into some of the ways that others are also healing MS.

In this episode, you’ll hear…

  1. Agota’s journey from a life-altering multiple sclerosis diagnosis to a life filled with hope and vitality.
  2. The dietary changes that became a cornerstone of Agota’s wellness plan and dramatically improved her MS symptoms.
  3. The game-changing steps she took to minimize her MS symptoms.
  4. The transformative power of a positive mindset and how Agota cultivated resilience.
  5. The importance of listening to your body and responding accordingly.
  6. How Agota’s inspiring journey led her to write a book and become a beacon of hope for those seeking to take control of their health and well-being.

About Agota Nawroth

Agota Nawroth is a devoted mother, a certified health coach, and someone who has faced the unique challenges of living with multiple sclerosis (MS). She is also the author and publisher of the enlightening book “Beating Multiple Sclerosis,” which not only shares her own journey but also chronicles the stories of dozens of others who are conquering this disease. She is the founder of, an online community committed to healing. You can find her on Instagram and YouTube at @BeatingMyMS.

Agota’s MS Journey: A Life-Changing Diagnosis

Agota’s journey with MS began in March 2019, a life-altering moment that turned her world upside down. “I was diagnosed in 2019, and now, looking back, I feel like I’m a different person,” she says. “So many things have changed in my life, and I think I can say the same for anyone diagnosed with a disease like multiple sclerosis.”

In those early days, she turned to Instagram as a way to document her journey, share her experiences, and find hope. Her platform, now known as “Beating My MS,” quickly evolved into a source of inspiration and education for others battling MS.

The Sudden Onset of MS

Agota’s MS diagnosis came seemingly out of the blue. She had recently returned from her honeymoon and was eagerly preparing to start a family. Her initial symptoms were anxiety and unexplained depression, making it difficult to identify the impending storm. It wasn’t long before she experienced numbness in her forehead and hearing loss in her left ear.

At first, Agota attributed these symptoms to various factors such as altitude or the recent plane ride after a trip to Colorado.

Her search led her through various doctors, including an ear specialist who couldn’t find any definitive answers. Concerned that her symptoms could be connected to her brain, she asked for an MRI.

When the MRI results came in, Agota received a call urging her to see a neurologist immediately, as she might have multiple sclerosis.

Agota’s initial reaction was to turn to the internet, where she encountered a flood of information, some of which painted a grim picture of disability.

She confided, “I don’t know, I just felt like my life was collapsing. That day, I couldn’t stop crying.”

A Determined Approach: Transforming Mindset and Lifestyle

In the face of this daunting diagnosis, Agota decided to take matters into her own hands. As she learned more about MS, she discovered that diet and lifestyle play pivotal roles in managing the condition.

She decided to start her journey to wellness by changing her diet and quickly realized the connection between her diet and her MS symptoms.

She noted, “I was feeling better once I started eating better. Every time I was eating pizza or gluten, like anything that contains gluten, I was feeling face numbness. So those were signs that I was listening to.”

Initially, she began with dietary changes, eliminating gluten, dairy, refined sugar, and other potentially inflammatory foods. She focused on incorporating more fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins into her daily meals. This shift in her diet brought noticeable improvements in her health.

Beyond diet changes, she explored meditation as a means of reducing stress and promoting mental well-being. She admitted that, at first, meditation was a struggle, but she persevered, and it has now become a daily practice that brings peace and clarity to her life.

Agota also made the transition from intense workouts to gentler forms of exercise, such as yoga and walking, which were kinder to her body and helped her stay active while managing her condition.

Sharing the Journey: Building a Supportive MS Community

As Agota implemented these lifestyle changes and embraced a proactive mindset, she felt compelled to share her journey with others who were going through similar challenges.

On Instagram, where she inspires tens of thousands of others with MS, Agota’s posts are filled with inspiring interviews and insights. Over time, Agota’s platform has grown into a beacon of hope, proving that lifestyle changes and a resilient mindset can significantly improve the quality of life for those with MS.

Recently, Agota published a collection of inspiring MS success stories in Beating Multiple Sclerosis. It serves as a valuable resource and source of inspiring for those with MS and other chronic health conditions.

Agota’s remarkable transformation through lifestyle changes and an unwavering positive mindset is a testament to the potential within us all.

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