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Today’s episode is one of the most touching and transformative stories we’ve had the honor of capturing. We originally featured today’s guest, Shannon Pickering, in our online magazine, and boy, does she have a story.

Health challenges began for her at age 12 and progressed from there. By the time she was 44, she had been diagnosed with systemic lupus, fibromyalgia, Lyme disease, endometriosis, asthma, narcolepsy, gastritis, gastroparesis, colitis, periodic movement disorder, autoimmune thyroiditis, and more. By 2014 she was disabled. Lupus was impacting her heart, lungs and DNA. She was facing a lifetime of chemo, steroids, hospitalizations and surgeries, to stop the relentless progress. Doctors gave her zero hope for a cure.

But perseverance defines Shannon, and she was not ready to give up on life. So she began her journey to health restoration. And restore her health she did through some major lifestyle changes. But it came with a significant setback: she was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer in 2018.

She is thrilled to share that today she is in remission from autoimmunity and cancer and her health is better than ever.

In my talk with Shannon, you’ll hear…

  • The cascade of health issues that led to her to numerous doctors, autoimmune diagnoses and medications
  • The true impact of all of it on her life
  • Her turning-point moment
  • The phased protocol that eliminated all her symptoms within 18 months
  • Some of the science behind the Wahls protocol
  • The mindset and commitment that helped her patiently stay the course
  • How she navigated stage 3 breast cancer
  • And how she’s doing today

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In Remission from Autoimmunity and Cancer

Today, Shannon’s mission is to spread the word that there is always hope for healing. She is the co-owner of Austin Muscle Restoration and the co-founder of The Roadmap to Leadwell and The Lead Yourself to Health corporate and consumer wellbeing programs and classes. Connect with her on Instagram @LeadYourselfToHealth, or Instagram and Facebook @AutoimmuneFoodie or visit her at to be alerted to new book and class launches.

I know you’ll get a lot out of my talk with Shannon. It’s a really honest conversation about the journey of recovering from serious illness.

Don’t miss our full story on Shannon.

Shannon found a lifestyle approach that eliminated the symptoms of six autoimmune diseases - and other conditions - within 18 months.

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