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In this week’s episode, I’m talking with another inspiring woman, Lori Balue.

These days, Lori does half marathons and hikes the Grand Canyon. She’s aging adventurously and beautifully as she approaches 60. But in her 30s, she never could have imagined she would feel well enough to do any of this.

Back then, she had asthma, allergies, polycystic ovarian syndrome, infertility, brain fog, pre-diabetes, which is also known as insulin resistance, along with depression and anxiety. She had very little energy and was on multiple medications. Along with it, she wanted to lose weight but that was a struggle as well. She was on and off diets for 20 years.

Lori began researching on her own, which led her down a rabbit hole of ever-improving health. She read books and attended health conferences. Ultimately she found the health benefits of keto (a ketogenic diet). And now, she no longer has any of those previous diagnoses. No asthma, allergies, PCOS, brain fog, pre-diabetes, depression or anxiety. And the weight has gradually come off with this lifestyle approach.

Now in her late fifties, she’s in the best health of her life, and for her 60th birthday next year, she’ll hike the CG rim to rim.

After struggling with asthma, PCOS, pre-diabetics, depression and anxiety, Lori found the health benefits of a keto diet, including weight loss and healing of all her diagnoses.

The Health Benefits of Keto

In my talk with Lori, you’ll hear…

  • The food changes that worked – and didn’t work – for her
  • Why she calls keto a lifestyle, not a diet
  • The “healthy” food that she found she couldn’t eat
  • The progressive series of actions that gradually ended all her diagnoses
  • How she’s aging adventurously and beautifully and her tips for starting something like this gradually

Lori’s personal experience inspired her to become a health coach. She’s an Adapt Certified Functional Health Coach and a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practioner. She helps women in menopause use functional labs, lifestyle and health adventures to lose weight, stop pain and create an active lifestyle to age beautifully and adventurously.

You can find Lori at and on social media as @loribalue.

What really strikes me about this episode and Lori is how much Lori’s life is expanding and getting more exciting as she ages. She’s able to do so much more now than she could decades ago, going against the conventional thinking about aging – thanks to the health benefits of keto.

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