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Today I’m excited to bring you a really insightful interview with Kristin Thomas on Rebuilding My Health Radio.

No matter what health issue you might be facing, my guest shares the lifestyle approaches, self-care, and boundaries that helped her heal and may just help you as well.

Kristin Thomas is a Forbes-recognized top business coach with an inspiring health turnaround story. While she was working for fast-paced startups in her early 20s, lifelong gut issues became severe and led to an autoimmune diagnosis of ulcerative colitis, an inflammatory bowel disease.

After heavy-duty medications failed to help, she eventually turned to a multi-layered lifestyle approach that stopped her symptoms and ultimately put her UC into remission.

A Lifestyle Approach for Autoimmunity

In this episode, we discuss…

  • The gut-health struggles that led to an autoimmune diagnosis of ulcerative colitis
  • The heavy-duty medications that failed to prevent flare-ups
  • Some of the conditions that accompanied UC for her, including anxiety and depression
  • The role of acupuncture and functional health coaching in her healing
  • The gut conditions she found behind her ulcerative colitis such as parasites, Candida, and other bad bacteria
  • What a customized healing diet looked like for her
  • How she supported her body to heal, including addressing her adrenals and other hormones
  • How this driven woman learned to embrace self-care – and build those habits into her schedule – to protect her health
  • The role of emotional healing
  • And how all this changed the course of Kristin’s career

Kristin Thomas is the founder of Health & Wellness Business School and is a top marketing & business mentor to many of the leading experts in the health and wellness field. She’s been an entrepreneur for over 10 years: first, she founded a sought-after marketing agency in the high-tech industry, then after going through a multi-year journey with autoimmunity, she pivoted and started a highly successful functional health coaching practice focused on gut health, and now her work has come full circle where she mentors other top health practitioners to grow and scale their business for greater impact and income.

Ultimately, her mission is to help make a measurable impact on today’s disease epidemic by giving her clients the industry-specific support and strategies they need to reach multiple more clients.

Because of her extensive background and results, she’s been featured in publications including Forbes, Inc Magazine, Entrepreneur, Thrive Global, and more.

Find Kristin at Health and Wellness Business School, and on Facebook and Instagram.

If you’re a health practitioner, check out her 6 Social Media Prompts for Health and Wellness Coaches.

No matter what health challenges you’re facing, I know you’ll take away insights from my chat with Kristin.

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