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In this episode, I’m talking with Kimberly Anne Richardson, who recovered from mold toxicity, Lyme disease and other health challenges. What a journey she’s been on from bedbound to now helping others recover from environmental illnesses like Lyme disease, mold toxicity, and heavy metal toxicity.

In my talk with Kimberly, you’ll hear…

  •  How she eventually uncovered mold toxicity as a primary cause of her health decline
  • What her mold toxicity treatment looked like
  • Ways she supported her body through mold detox
  • The top books and other resources that helped her heal
  • What Kimberly learned from six mold remediations
  • The best testing for mold in the home
  • Some resources for remediating your home from mold
  • How she supported herself through a recent bout of the C-virus – so she feels better than she did before

These days, Kimberly Anne Richardson is a certified Functional Health Practitioner specializing in helping people recover from environmental illnesses like Lyme disease, mold toxicity, and heavy metal toxicity.

After an extremely stressful time in her life, she had a complete breakdown in her health and spent the next 5 years in bed. She went to dozens of doctors both conventional and alternative over the course of 10 years who provided very little relief.

After being diagnosed with advanced neurological Lyme disease and not getting better with treatment, she realized that mold was at the root of all of her health issues. And after going through six mold remediations and years of mold treatment she was only about 40% better.

It wasn’t until she learned that a major source of toxicity was the mold that had colonized in her sinuses. After sinus surgery for mold, she finally started to heal. Her energy started coming back. Her brain and thyroid started working again.

But, her biggest struggle was finding a mold-safe home. She spent thousands of dollars testing potential homes only to find that they tested higher than her current home.

After consulting with numerous professionals and spending hundreds of hours doing her own research, she has created resources to help others hire the right mold professionals and be able to do their own visual mold inspections.

She created the Demystifying Mold Ebook to teach someone who is new to mold what role mold plays in the environment, why it’s making us sick, indoor vs. outdoor mold, how to get rid of mold in your body and home, and much more.

She has also created the Evicting Mold Bundle which includes documents to help people hire QUALIFIED mold inspectors and remediators. (They should not be the same person.)

Finally, she has created the Exposing Mold Bundle that teaches people how to do their own visual inspection that includes a printable checklist that makes it easy to screen potential homes without spending a fortune on testing.

As an advanced detoxification coach, she loves working with women 1:1 to help them reclaim their health after severe environmental illness. She also offers 1:1 mold consults for more individualized guidance along the mold journey.

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