“I’m learning that it’s not just the external factors that impact my skin, but also internal. What I put in my body definitely has an impact on how my skin appears. It definitely is about paying attention to my body.”
– Sandra

Natural remedies for eczema podcast

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Today’s guest: Sandra Foreman

My guest today is Sandra Foreman, who was able to treat eczema by changing what she put in and on her body.

Sandra is a wife, mother, freelance writer and lawyer who practices health and disability law in the Austin, Texas area. She’s also passionate about healthy living. She obtained yoga teacher certification, placed first in a masters bikini bodybuilder competition, and completed a health coaching certification program through the Health Coach Institute.

Sandra also founded The Spa in Me to blog about wellness destinations near Austin, Texas, and hold retreats for women. The company has now evolved to concentrate on writing customer success stories for the spa and wellness industries.

In this episode, you’ll learn…

  • The top triggers for Sandra’s eczema
  • How the weather exacerbated her skin condition
  • The ingredient she had to avoid in her personal care products
  • The diet changes that improved her eczema
  • How she keeps her skin hydrated without lotions
  • How ingredients that are all-natural can still exacerbate the skin
  • Her maintenance regimen to stay eczema-free

You can learn more about Sandra Foreman at https://thespainme.com/

Find more of Sandra’s story on our site, http://rebuildingmyhealth.com/how-to-treat-eczema/

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