“There are emotional things driving anxiety, and there’s also physical stuff that drives anxiety.”
– Angela

Learn about the link between physical health and anxiety. Angela was able to stop anxiety by healing the causes of anxiety, including andrenal fatigue, Hashimoto's and more.

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Today’s guest: Angela Privin

My guest today is Angela Privin of Do It Yourself Health. She’s my personal digestive health coach.

Angela suffered with Lyme disease-triggered irritable bowel syndrome for five years, which caused anxiety to surface for the first time. After doctors shrugged her off, she decided to find her own solutions. She spent a year healing her IBS with diet and supplements and saw her anxiety improve too. From there, she went on to become a digestive health coach.

She’s been IBS-free for 16 years and now helps others resolve their digestive symptoms using diet, supplementation and lifestyle rebalancing.

But when new health issues popped up more recently, anxiety surfaced once again. Angela addressed those health issues and found relief for anxiety in the process.

In this episode, you’ll learn…

  • How Angela experienced anxiety for the first time when she contracted Lyme disease and then IBS
  • How anxiety has returned when her body has been out of balance, particularly with Lyme disease, IBS, mold toxicity, thyroid antibodies (Hashimoto’s disease), adrenal fatigue and stress.
  • The lifestyle changes that helped her mental health and allowed her to stop anxiety
  • The herbal and nutrient support that made the biggest difference for her

You can learn more about Angela Privin at https://diyhealthblog.com/.

Find more of Angela’s anxiety story on our site, https://rebuildingmyhealth.com/anxiety.

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