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My guest this week is Divya Dhawan, who no longer experiences any symptoms of Sjogren’s syndrome.

Divya’s health took a downturn after a particularly stressful time in life. She experienced dry eyes and mouth and joint pain – typical symptoms of Sjogren’s syndrome, for which she was eventually diagnosed.

Divya followed her intuition and found natural approaches to ease her Sjogren’s symptoms.

These days, Divya is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. She is driven by her strong desire and calling to help women who suffer with Sjögren’s syndrome, get natural relief from their dry eyes, mouth and joint pains. She paved her own path, when everyone told her that this is her life from that point on and all she can do is manage it. It took with a lot of research and trial and error but she was able to heal herself. Her determination to change her story lead her to not only heal herself but also to become a health coach. She wants others to know they can change their story too, there is hope.

In my conversation with Divya you’ll hear…

  • The simple steps that made a big difference in changing her Sjogren’s symptoms
  • The role of stress in triggering and managing her Sjogren’s syndrome
  • Her stress management tactics
  • How diet eased Sjogren’s syndrome
  • The supplements that helped her gut and nutrition levels

Learn more about Divya.

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