“Anecdotes do not count as evidence-based medicine.”

That line – in a Time magazine article – hit me hard.

In an ideal world, we would have solid research to back up all our health decisions.

But in reality, we don’t always have the luxury of evidence, especially when it comes to using natural or alternative health approaches.

Medical and health research is expensive and years in the making. Even then, a small sample size or the researchers’ methods may throw findings into doubt.

In the absence of research-based evidence, what do we have?

Personal experiences.

And those anecdotes cannot be discounted – especially when hundreds or thousands of people report similar results with an approach.
Over and over, I’ve seen the power of personal anecdotes in helping people improve their health.

Yet these personal experiences have been locked away in private Facebook groups or online forums. People spend hours combing through posts looking for answers, which they find in pieces. A little here, a little there.

I imagine that a few hundred years ago, this was the basis of all medicine. People sharing anecdotes about what works with others.
What if there was one place to collect natural health success stories and make them searchable?

That’s the vision behind Rebuilding My Health. We’re setting out to create a searchable database of personal natural health experiences and success stories.

The goal is to collect as many detailed health experiences as possible so that people can explore multiple accounts of what works for their health challenges and make the decisions that seem best to them.

But we need your help…

If you personally have a natural health success story, please share your experience here. You can do so anonymously.

If you know someone who has had success with natural approaches, encourage them to share on this site.

If you’re a practitioner with successful patients, urge them to share.

If you’re a parent who has helped a child get better with natural methods, please add your experience. So many parents are looking for answers.

It’s my sincere hope that we can build a gold mine of personal health experiences. And in that collection, people can peruse the stories, find themes and make informed decisions in collaboration with their health practitioners.

There’s no better time, in the midst of a natural health revolution.

Let’s do what hasn’t been done before.

Let’s build a valuable collection of natural health success stories that inform and inspire others to get started on their healing journeys. 


What works for one person may not work for another. Consult your health practitioner for professional health advice.