Learn about recovering from mold toxicity and the mold toxicity protocol that helped one woman get back to normal.

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My guest this week is Brandy Cummings, who solved and healed a health mystery after her symptoms came on suddenly.

She experienced vertigo, unsteadiness, extreme fatigue, anxiety and rapid weight gain. Early on, she was diagnosed as having Meniere’s disease, but that never felt right to her.

Eventually, she found the real cause: mold toxicity. Her symptoms had begun exactly with the start of a new job in an old building.

Brandy went on to find practitioners and solutions to help her feel better in the short and long term, and eventually, to recover from mold illness.

These days, Brandy is a Certified Nutritionist and owner of Pivotal Origins. She specializes in preconception, pregnancy, and postpartum care, which she has coined the pan-natal™ phase of life. She utilizes a functional approach and has created a comprehensive blueprint that takes into account all aspects of one’s life. As a graduate from Bauman College with a Masters’ in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine, she clearly defines an up-to-date, effective, and research-based health roadmap so people can harmonize not only their own health, but also the lives of their children and generations to come.

In my conversation with Brandy, you’ll hear…

  • The sudden and strange mold toxicity symptoms she experienced
  • How stress and genetics affected her susceptibility to mold illness
  • The practices that got her back to 80% before her mold toxicity diagnosis
  • The mold toxicity protocol that helped her fully recover
  • The testing that uncovered her toxic mold load
  • How she eased her long-COVID symptoms more recently

Brandy saw Ryan Frisinger for help with mold toxicity.

Find out more about the long-COVID protocol that Brandy followed.

Read Brandy’s story.

Learn more about Brandy.

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