The incessant whooshing sound disrupted every part of Sherri’s life. Around the clock, in both ears, she heard her own heart and own blood thumping and pumping.

The noise made it difficult to sleep, parent or write code as a software engineer.

“You have no silence. There’s always the sound with you,” she says. “It’s hard to focus and concentrate, and it was especially bad when I would try to sleep.”

Diagnosed as pulsatile tinnitus, this was just the latest in a string of ailments that had piled on in recent years, from chronic fatigue to allergies.

The Onset of Chronic Fatigue

Sherri’s health began declining after the birth of her daughter, nearly 20 years ago. Not long after, she fell into deep exhaustion – even beyond what’s usual for a new parent.

Even if she could get 12 hours of sleep, she was still exhausted. “I couldn’t run and jump with my kids,” she says.

Her body also felt inflamed and she suffered from chronic constipation.

She sensed at least some of it was connected to her thyroid, and yet, thyroid tests always came back in normal ranges. She begged doctors to let her try a small dose of thyroid medication, but none would agree.

Instead, she turned to a functional medicine doctor for another opinion. Functional medicine seeks to understand and address the root cause of illness, rather than treating symptoms.

“I explained my symptoms and the doctor looked at me and said, ‘Sherri, my mentor once told me that if I will just listen to my patients, they will tell me what’s wrong with them.’ I started weeping like, Wow, somebody finally heard me.”

The doctor then ran a more comprehensive thyroid panel, which included analysis of TSH, free T3, free T4, reverse T3 and thyroid antibodies. As expected, Sherri’s thyroid was in fact low – delivering at least one piece of her health puzzle.

After beginning a natural, compounded thyroid supplement, her fatigue finally began easing.

“I started getting some of my energy back,” she says.

The ‘Whooshing’ of Pulsatile Tinnitus

Yet, Sherri still suffered from inflammation and constipation, and soon, the pulsatile tinnitus came on. It had begun in one ear and then spread to the second one so that it was a constant, irritating presence.

To stop the noise and ease other complaints, she tried anything that sounded promising, from conventional to natural: acupuncture, chiropractic, Reiki, physical therapy, cranial-sacral therapy, lymphatic drainage, NAET (Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Techniques), colon hydrotherapy, the Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping), quantum neurology, food elimination diets and other diets.

Over the years, Sherri spent nearly $100,000 attempting to get better, usually on therapies not covered by insurance. But nothing stopped the constant whooshing or extreme fatigue.

Then, two friends, in different parts of the country, mentioned what’s called frequency medicine. The idea behind it intrigued her.

Delivered via devices, the technology uses certain frequencies to optimize blood flow and mitochondrial function.

“It’s technology that produces certain frequencies that have a healing effect on the body,” she says. “I liken it to a piano tuning fork. You’ve got a piano with a lot of strings, and in the old days, you’d have a piano tuner come in and he’d have these tuning forks that he would use to get the strings on the piano to resonate at the resonant frequency of the tuning fork.”

Sherri initially saw a naturopath in her area trained in using a patented, German-made frequency medicine device called Bemer. Later, she purchased her own for about $6,000.

Bemer specifically uses PEMF, or pulsed electromagnetic field, to help increase capillary flow. Sherri lays on a mat and chooses the appropriate settings to deliver the correct frequencies.

She runs it for eight minutes upon waking and eight minutes before going to sleep. Then, she turns it on sleep mode for an optimal sleep frequency.

With frequency medicine, one woman healed from years of pulsatile tinnitus, chronic fatigue, low thyroid, constipation, pcos, heavy metals and pre-diabetes.

A Normal Thyroid, and No More Pulsatile Tinnitus

Within the first two weeks of using the device, Sherri noticed symptoms of having too much thyroid medication, including anxiety and heart palpitations. When she explained her experience to her doctor, he suggested backing off on the medication.

As Sherri eased down on the thyroid medication, she felt fine. Eventually, she stopped taking it altogether.

She also slept markedly better. With just seven to eight hours of sleep, she felt rested and no longer needed naps to make it through.

Then, within six months of starting frequency medicine, Sherri unexpectedly woke one morning to silence. The whooshing had stopped.

“I never believed my tinnitus would go away because a doctor had told me and I had researched it,” she says. “It’s like, people get tinnitus and they live with it for the rest of their life. I had believed that, but then six months later, after using that first device, I woke up one day and that whooshing sound was gone and it never returned.”

‘100% Healed’

With Bemer, Sherri estimates she got about 85 percent better. A smaller, similar frequency medicine device bumped her to 100 percent.

The wearable device called Healy – which runs about $500-$2,500 – uses a quantum sensor to analyze the body’s frequencies and then delivers a microcurrent to bring them to the correct frequency levels for specific parts of the body.

“There’s a button for the liver. There’s a button for the thyroid. There’s a button for the meridians. There’s a button for pain. There’s a button for allergies,” Sherri explains.

“I’m able to figure out really quickly what I need, deliver that and then keep scanning myself on a more frequent basis and taking care of myself that way,” she says.

Sherri, thankfully, feels back to her old self.

“Now I am at a hundred percent healed,” she says. “I have zero symptoms. I have perfect blood work, perfect tests. Everything’s perfect. I feel better than I have felt in 20 years. I feel completely recovered at this point.”

A Link Between Heavy Metals and Weight

For years, Sherri had tried to lose excess weight. Her functional medicine doctor mentioned one reason why that may have been difficult: heavy metals toxicity. Testing uncovered high levels of seven different metals.

“He said, ‘If we ever get the metals out and get you detoxing better, the weight will come off,’” she says.

Genetic testing revealed Sherri carries the MTHFR gene mutation, which can make it more difficult to rid the body of toxins. Over the years, she had tried numerous ways to do so, but her body seemed to hold onto the metals.

With frequency medicine, she finally cleared her body of all but one metal, lead, and lost more than 50 pounds in the process.

The devices also uncovered another unexpected benefit: Sherri’s mood lifted.

“I never saw myself as a depressed person until this dark cloud lifted off of me,” she says. “It’s like my joy, my peace, my optimism is very high. Now, I’m much less triggered by things that would normally irritate me.”

Energetic and Symptom-Free

What about the side effects of energy medicine? Sherri says the devices are not recommended for people going through chemotherapy, those with organ transplants or those on immunosuppressant drug therapy. Healy can have a contraindication for those with seizures, but only on certain settings.

While Sherri did invest thousands of dollars in the two devices, from her perspective, they deliver a return on investment in the long run with reduced doctor’s visits, supplements and lab tests.

In fact, Sherri did decrease the number of supplements significantly. She now takes vitamin D3 and K2 to support her immune system, along with a supplement to aid in proper methylation. Methylation is a biochemical process that regulates the cardiovascular, neurological, reproductive and detox systems, and it’s hindered by the MTHFR gene mutation.

Sherri remains energetic and free from the struggles of previous years: pulsatile tinnitus, chronic fatigue, low thyroid, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), constipation and pre-diabetes. Her allergies even stopped.

Given her personal transformation, she shares information about the energy devices with others. For those wanting to try frequency medicine without buying your own device, you can find trained Bemer and Healy representatives in many countries.

“Our bodies are so powerful to heal if we can support them with exactly what they need,” she says.

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