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In this episode, I’m talking with Sally Aponte, who was finally on the road to recovery after diagnosing celiac disease. Celiac disease is an autoimmune condition where your body is not able to digest gluten, which is in so much of what we eat in the Western diet.

Sally began a gluten-free diet and then later, a keto diet, and felt better for a while. But then, she started having a fresh set of health challenges to unravel. She ultimately discovered the cause behind it and has gone on to become an expert in this area.

Finding Oxalate Toxicity

In this episode, we discuss…

  • How Sally finally linked digestive symptoms, hair loss, weakness, and skin issues to celiac disease
  • Why her symptoms and energy improved but then worsened again on a gluten-free diet and then a keto diet
  • The cause behind joint pain and new skin issues: oxalate toxicity
  • What oxalates are and some of the highest oxalate foods
  • Why a daily green smoothie may not be the healthiest option for everyone
  • The types of symptoms that might be linked to oxalate toxicity
  • How oxalates can contribute to kidney stones
  • The best type of testing for oxalate levels
  • Why it’s important to detox from oxalates slowly
  • And how oxalate buildup is not just about what you eat

Sally’s experience inspired her to pursue alternative healing methods, which led her to become a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner. Sally Aponte is both a Physical Therapist Assistant and an FDN coach. Her mission is to empower individuals who suffer from chronic digestive problems and oxalate toxicity by providing them with the right tools and lifestyle choices needed to live a healthy life, free from disease, and enjoy their golden years to the fullest.

How to find Sally:

To learn more about Sally, you can email her at

Or check out her Facebook group.

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