Learn about natural treatment for Parkinson's disease, including mucuna, stem-cell therapy and removing mercury amalgams.

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My guest this week is Cynde, a North Carolina woman who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

Cynde has always been exceptionally active, typically walking miles every day. So it was really noticeable when her gait became uneven and one of her arms wasn’t swinging when she walked. That was followed by stiffness, tremors and cognitive challenges. Eventually, she began using a walker.

Cynde knew she wanted to try a natural approach to what she suspected was Parkinson’s disease, so she researched options and found a naturopath and Chinese medicine doctor to help. Through trial and error, she arrived at the right combination of lifestyle changes and therapies, which turned around her symptoms.

Cynde now shows zero noticeable signs of Parkinson’s disease and is back to walking miles every day – no walker needed.

I know you’ll take away a lot from Cynde’s story and get ideas for natural treatments for Parkinson’s. It’s a powerful example of improving a chronic illness that typically only progresses in one direction.

In this episode, you’ll learn…

  • The anti-inflammatory diet changes that make the biggest difference for Cynde
  • How a dental procedure contributed to her getting better
  • How she used stem-cell therapy for Parkinson’s disease, plus other alternative therapies
  • The “bean” that helps her walk normally
  • Her daily regimen for keeping her body working optimally

You can learn more about the doctor that helped Cynde with natural treatments for Parkinson’s at https://www.naturecuresclinic.com/

Find more of Cynde’s story on our site, https://rebuildingmyhealth.com/parkinsons-naturally/

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