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In this episode, I’m talking with Dr. Judy Seeger, a naturopath who stopped her own migraines, healed Lyme disease, and resolved a number of other health struggles naturally.

Judy’s many health challenges started at an early age. And after seeing four family members die of cancer, she chose a different path.

Judy Seeger has been in alternative medicine for 30 years, and as a naturopath, ran two holistic health clinics specializing in ozone therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy and detoxing for diseases such as cancer and Lyme disease.

Now she’s in her 60s and has ZERO health issues, and she wants to impart her skills and knowledge about what’s worked for her and about the power of oxidative therapies.

In this podcast episode, Judy shares what worked for her in easing migraines, plus how she healed Lyme disease and other health concerns.

Hear about short- and long-term migraine relief and about oxygen therapy for Lyme disease and other conditions.

In my conversation with Judy, you’ll hear…

  • How to stop a migraine fast
  • Longer-term migraine relief strategies
  • Oxidative therapies for Lyme disease
  • Ways to reverse the progression of a chronic illness
  • The top inflammatory foods to avoid if you have migraines or other illnesses
  • How Judy stays feeling energetic and pain-free
  • The health impact of releasing emotional baggage and stress

In addition to her personal health success story, Judy brings 30 years of wisdom as a naturopath.

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Judy Seeger’s YouTube

A free guide with natural solutions for easing, reducing or eliminating chronic or complex illnesses such as autoimmunity, gut conditions and neurological disorders.

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