Across all our health stories, it seems each person reaches a turning point - when they decide to take control of their health and trust themselves. And it's often the beginning of their health success.

Every week, I’m interviewing people with natural health success stories. And across all those, certain practices, themes and patterns pop up over and over. 

That’s why I started jotting down a list of take-aways from all my interviews. One seems to make an appearance in nearly every story.

Whether it’s Alex in Virginia or Rebecca in Colorado, pretty much every individual I’ve interviewed reaches what I call a pivot point. That’s the turning point where they decide to take control of their own healthcare. 

They often speak of it reverently because they realize, in hindsight, that this was the moment that changed the course of their health. 

Thus Take-Away #1 from interviews with all our health success stories is…Trust yourself

Trusting yourself and taking charge of your healthcare doesn’t mean NOT taking advice from others. Far from it. In fact, health practitioners remain influential for nearly everyone I speak with.

It means…

  • Researching on your own
  • Weighing all your options
  • Knowing your own body
  • Following your intuition or gut feeling on what will work best for you

It also means being the captain of your healthcare team, which may include conventional doctors along with natural or alternative practitioners and coaches. Because ultimately you know your body better than anyone else. You’re constantly experiencing the impact of whatever you’re doing to it and for it.

But it’s not always easy to make that leap of faith, is it?

Alex expressed it candidly and eloquently…

“It was the most terrifying decision I’ve ever made in my entire life, to completely stop all antibiotics and entirely trust my life to the plants and mushrooms…to turn my back on all these experts in their field, and listen to my heart and my body, to trust nature and trust the earth. It was so scary, but I did it.”

No, it’s not easy, and there are no guarantees it will work out in the end. But for these folks, it has been worth it.

Trust yourself and trust your body. That could be the beginning of your own health success story.

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