Hear how one woman with Graves' disease and thyroid eye disease (TED) saved her eyesight with conventional and alternative health.

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My guest this week is Kathi McCarty. Kathi once led a Denver-area bank branch with assets exceeding $100 million. Then, her life changed nearly overnight.

It began with dry, gritty eyes, as if she had endured a sandstorm. And not long after that, Kathi woke up with double vision.

After a slew of doctors’ visits and tests, she was diagnosed with Graves’ disease, an autoimmune disorder that results in the overproduction of thyroid hormones, or hyperthyroidism. She also learned she had thyroid eye disease, also called TED, which explained the extreme impact to her eyes.

Kathi went on to have surgery to improve her eyesight, however, she also began applying a number of lifestyle changes and natural health practices to lower her inflammation and stress, and improve the symptoms of her autoimmunity, including extreme fatigue and vision problems.

In my conversation with her, you’ll hear…

  • The life triggers that preceded her health crisis and Graves’ disease diagnosis
  • How she paired conventional medicine, including eye surgery, with lifestyle changes to save her vision
  • The anti-inflammatory diet changes that made the biggest difference
  • The importance of reducing her stress
  • How Eastern practices and other alternative healing practices helped

Learn more about Kathi at https://methtoxinsalliance.com/.

Read more of Kathi’s story.

Read the transcript.

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