“Literally within a week or two I was feeling so much better and the itch was gone, the heat and swelling were all calming down. It was such a relief.”
– Alice

At age 19, when Alice woke with what she thought was a rash, the university student assumed she had had an allergic reaction.

But the rash didn’t go away. In fact, it continued to get worse. Her face became swollen, her eyes weeped, and red, hot, itchy patches covered her face, neck, torso and arms – “all the parts that are hard to cover,” she laments.

In hopes of finding relief, Alice began seeing a string of doctors and practitioners, who diagnosed her with eczema. She diligently did what each told her. While heavy doses of oral and topical steroids lessoned her skin irritation, she began feeling terrible on them.

Finally, Alice came across information on eczema relief from Anthony William, author of several health books, including Liver Rescue. She began following William’s recommendations, which demanded some pretty drastic diet and lifestyle changes for this university student.

Within five days, Alice began feeling better. And within months, her eczema had cleared up.

“Literally within a week or two I was feeling so much better and the itch was gone, the heat and swelling were all calming down. It was such a relief,” she says. “I haven’t really looked back since and still follow the advice two-and-a-half years later.”

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Side Effects from Steroids for Skin Conditions

Before the eczema outbreak, Alice had relatively normal skin. However, her parents recall her having a bout of eczema when Alice was too young to remember.

But the rigors of a college environment triggered it again.

“All the doctors blamed my eczema on stress or allergies or washing detergents and skincare products, but I wasn’t set on those answers,” Alice says. “[The book] Liver Rescue says that university life can bring it on. I was out with friends, drinking alcohol and not living a particularly healthy life. Although there is no ‘scientific evidence’ that acknowledges these triggers.”

Regardless of the cause, severe eczema began taking over her life. As it worsened, her skin condition lowered her confidence and upped her anxiety.

“You look and feel like rubbish, so I wanted to stay in my room and lock myself away,” she recalls. “I hated looking at myself in the mirror because I didn’t look like myself. Eczema is much more than just a rash. It affects you just as much mentally as physically.”

At first, Alice saw conventional doctors, who gave her steroid creams. When the eczema came back, doctors handed her stronger creams.

A dermatologist then prescribed an oral steroid at a dose of eight pills a day.

“My skin cleared up overnight,” she says. “I had silky smooth skin but then a week or two later I felt absolutely terrible. I was faint, light-headed and sick. I didn’t want to be on medication for the rest of my life.”

Diet Changes for Eczema

Alice continued seeking answers from one practitioner after another. She started looking for internal causes of her eczema, including allergies. Allergy testing turned up a long list of food sensitivities, but avoiding those specific foods still didn’t clear eczema.

She traveled to see a naturopathic nutritionist, who suspected leaky gut syndrome. “You believe everything everyone tells you,” she says.

With advice from the nutritionist, Alice radically changed her diet, focusing on good fats such as nuts, seeds and avocados. She tried that for a year but saw little difference in her skin.

Then with natural tablets from a homeopathic doctor, her skin worsened.

And after seeing a dietitian, she added some supplements that made her feel better, but did not ease her eczema.

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The Secret: Celery Juice for Eczema

On Instagram, Alice found a community of others also suffering from eczema – and some who had overcome it. One such individual had followed the advice of Anthony William. Alice began reading his content and listening to podcasts, and ordered his first book, Medical Medium.

“That was the turning point for me,” she says. “Everything he said made so much sense to me.”

William believes that eczema and other skin conditions originate in the liver. And when the liver releases toxins, those go to the skin.

With nothing to lose, Alice began William’s 28-day cleanse. No stranger to diet restrictions, she heartily embraced the regimen, which included large amounts of celery juice, smoothies, raw fruits and vegetables, and eliminating grains, refined sugar, meat, fish, dairy and eggs.

The Medical Medium protocol left her with clear, beautiful skin – a striking change from before.

While the entire protocol works toward healing her body, she believes the biggest game-changer is the full 16 ounces of pure celery juice she drinks each morning on an empty stomach. That calls for juicing an entire bunch of celery every day (see Alice’s daily regimen below).

Beyond skin changes, she notices more energy, better digestion and fewer bouts of colds or flu.

A New Mission

Detox and Diet Clear Eczema for British WomanNow 25, Alice has completed her university studies and recently left her full-time job as a graduate property surveyor to run her own business, inspired by her health journey. Alice’s Pantry creates plant-based, packaged sweets aimed at those wanting to maintain a healthy lifestyle even while on the go.

“The aim is to change the whole grab-and-go market in the UK,” she says.

She started selling at local farmers markets with success, and has since expanded to shops and cafes throughout the United Kingdom.

With dedication to her diet and protocol, Alice mostly maintains her clear skin. When she experiences a rare flare-up, she can usually pinpoint the reason: drinking alcohol or verging from her diet or routine. She remains 95 percent vegan.

After years of searching, she’s beyond relieved to have found something that works, and shares her ups and downs generously on Instagram – for she knows what it’s like to feel hopeless.

“I’ve found so many people who are there for you, if you’re having a bad day,” she says. “It’s a really nice community that helped me on days when I felt like rubbish. It makes you feel like you’re not alone.”

Follow Alice at @Healthy_healer and @Alices.pantry.


Cornerstones of Alice’s Natural Regimen for Eczema

• Lemon water – She starts the morning with warm lemon water to flush the toxins from her blood.
• Celery juice – Alice follows that with 16 oz of pure celery juice. The juice contains mineral salts that supposedly attack pathogens and help calm inflammation.
• Detox smoothie – She waits at least 20 minutes before blending a heavy metal detox smoothie that typically contains a mix of fruit, greens and nutrients such as banana, papaya, spirulina, wild blueberries, barley grass juice powder, pitaya powder and L-glutamine.
• Fat-free mornings – She doesn’t consume fat until later in the day, to give her liver a chance to rest and detox.
• Chaga – Twice a week, Alice makes a chaga latte with coconut or almond milk. Chaga is a medicinal mushroom with high levels of antioxidants. “I notice a difference in my skin within a day or so. It’s incredible!” she says.
• Natural skin products – She uses natural moisturizers, shampoos and body wash.

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