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On this episode, I talk with Joanna Chodorowska. Joanna is a driven, lifelong athlete who has competed in multiple Ironman triathlon races. It’s a grueling, day-long race where you swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles and THEN run a full marathon!

Joanna was at the peak of her athletic fitness when she hit the wall (figuratively). Her body just wouldn’t go anymore. She soon learned that she had adrenal exhaustion. She went from training for 140-mile races to needing a nap after walking to the mailbox.

Exercise was her stress relief – until it became a major stressor on her health.

In my conversation with Joanna, you’ll hear…

  • The combination of stressors that led to adrenal exhaustion
  • The impact on her thyroid function and menstrual cycle
  • How she re-learned how to eat to fuel her body as an athlete
  • The nutritional changes that improved her blood sugar and adrenals
  • How she found new ways to manage her stress
  • The other self-care tactics that helped her recover from adrenal exhaustion
  • How Joanna returned to Ironman racing once she knew how to support her body

These days, Joanna is a holistic nutritionist, a pain and inflammation expert, author, speaker, ordained minister, founder of Nutrition in Motion, athlete and lover of life. She guides athletes to relieve their pain and health challenges so they more fully love their bodies and active lives.

Joanna discovered through her own healing from adrenal exhaustion and arthritic hips, that the body can heal naturally given the right tools.

Whether you’re an athlete or not, I know you’ll take away valuable insights from this episode.

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