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Today we have an information-packed, inspiring episode with Dana Kay. It’s another example of how finding underlying root causes can turn around a seemingly chronic condition.

When Dana’s son was young, she knew he seemed more active and energetic than other kids. But it was more than that. He was impulsive, defiant and had frequent meltdowns that left the entire family feeling overwhelmed and hopeless.

They took their son to a developmental psychologist who did several sessions and testing. Within a few weeks, he received an ADHD diagnosis.

Soon they began the conventional treatment for ADHD – medication. And while ADHD medication did calm their son, it actually caused new symptoms. In response, doctors prescribed more medications to take care of the symptoms from the original medications.

When doctors recommended a fourth medication, to treat anxiety that seem to be caused by the other medications, Dana had had enough. She decided to look for more natural approaches to ADHD.

Research pointed to diet as a significant intervention for ADHD. They began by removing a few food types that tend to be inflammatory for most people. Then, food sensitivity testing uncovered specific foods her son should avoid, including seemingly healthy foods like raspberries.

They also did extensive lab testing, giving them insights on his gut infections, dysbiosis and parasites, and uncovering nutritional deficiencies. In particular, testing found high levels of pyrroles, a molecule excreted in urine. High levels of pyrroles can deplete nutrients and lead to a poor tolerance for stress plus mood swings.

About four months of making all of these changes, Dana’s son was a different kid. His tantrums reduced, and they found he was more flexible and calmer. Gradually, he weaned off medication. And over time, they began to see his true personality. Today he’s a thriving middle school student with top grades. And just as importantly, the family’s home is peaceful.

All this inspired Dana to completely switch careers from being an accountant to addressing ADHD in kids. She’s now a holistic health and nutrition practitioner, the CEO and founder of the ADHD Thrive Institute and the creator of the ADHD Thrive Method 4 Kids program. Her mission is to help families reduce ADHD symptoms naturally so that children with ADHD can thrive at home, at school, and in life.

Learn about treating ADHD in kids with natural ADHD treatment, including diet, and addressing gut dysbiosis and nutritional deficiencies

Natural Treatment for ADHD in Kids

In my conversation with Dana, you’ll hear…

  • Why diet helps with ADHD
  • The diet changes that calmed ADHD symptoms in Dana’s son
  • The connection between the gut and happy brain chemicals such as serotonin and dopamine
  • What pyrroles are and why they can be linked to mood issues
  • The testing that uncovered gut infections and parasites in Dana’s son
  • The food sensitivity testing that Dana finds most accurate
  • Diet tips for ADHD and how to make diet changes gradually
  • And how her son turned around within months of starting natural treatment for ADHD

I know there are many families struggling with ADHD in kids. I think you’ll find some eye-opening insights about what may be causing the problem.

Where to find Dana Kay and ADHD resources:

ADHD Thrive Institute

Her Facebook group, ADHD Parent Nutrition Support Group

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